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Flora Shen

Sunrise Flower Essence

Sunrise Flower Essence

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Sunrise is intended to support renewal in those who carry feelings of burn out, grogginess, and procrastination due to low energy. Helps when dealing with fatigue, particularly when it greets us before we have even fully awaken in the morning

Indications: fatigue, feelings of "burn-out", inability to rouse one's energy forces and set intention in the mornings. Feeling worn out by even the idea of the tasks that are to be taken on, or worn out after a long struggle. 

Gifts of Sunrise: greeting the day with joy and sharpness. Clarity of mind and intention in action. Receptivity and activation through morning light and the natural cycles of the day. Replenishment through the night that leads to supported energy through the day. 

Ingredients: flower essences of hornbeam, olive, cayenne. morning glory, and lemon in a base of rose petal-infused brandy and structured water.
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