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Flora Shen

Shen Spirit Support Flower Essence

Shen Spirit Support Flower Essence

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The Spirit Support collection are an inspired interpretation of the 5 spirits of traditional Chinese medicine. Shen is the spirit pertaining to the element of fire, the heart, and joy. Shen is our inner brightness and guiding light that reflects outward, spreading joy and inspiration to others and our environment.

Indications: feelings of dullness, lack of inspiration, lack of purpose in daily life due to lack of knowing oneself and understanding ones destiny, trauma-shattered sense of self.

Gifts of Shen Spirit Support:  insight and knowing of oneself, as well as the confidence to stand by and follow the path of this knowing; inspired understanding, ability to experience the joy and lightness of being. 

Directions: flower essences of goldenrod, sierra primrose, arnica, and lady's slipper in a base of rose petal infused brandy and structured water.

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