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Flora Shen

Hun Spirit Support Flower Essence

Hun Spirit Support Flower Essence

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The Spirit Support collection are an inspired interpretation of the 5 spirits of traditional Chinese medicine. Hun is the spirit pertaining to the element of wood, the liver, and anger. Hun, or the 'ethereal soul' is like our third eye and has a strong correlation to inner vision- (imagination, dreaming)  and outer perception (discerning pathways based on heeding the inner visions granted by hun). 

Indications: lack of insight and dreams, lack of direction in life due to being cut-off from spiritual insight that guides the way

Gifts of Hun Spirit Support: receiving wisdom and support through intuition and dreams, ability to find a clear path in life through inner knowing, inspired insight through inner listening.

Ingredients: flower essences of Queen Anne's lace, mugwort, hepatica, star tulip, and iris in a base of rose petal infused brandy and structured water.

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