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Flora Shen

Hallowed Ground Flower Essence

Hallowed Ground Flower Essence

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Our sense of connection to the earth in integral to our wellbeing. For many today it is all too easy to slip out of alignment with the earths rhythm. Hallowed Ground seeks to remedy this and help up to re-connect and remember our inherent connection to our home.

Indications: feeling 'ungrounded' or uncentered, disconnected from nature and/or ones own physical body, living in urban environments with a feeling of nature being void in one's surroundings, scattered energy, lack of joy or reverence for nature and our planet, abstract ideas about nature with the inability to fully sink in or experience it.

Gifts of Hallowed Ground: feeling more embodied in oneself through synching our physical experiences to the pulse of the earth, gratitude for our physical experiences, connection to the beauty and holiness of nature, awareness of the spirit embodied in natural environments.

Ingredients: flower essences of corn, cassiope, green nicotiana, green bells of Ireland, and lady's mantle in a base of rose petal infused brandy and structured water.

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