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Flower Essence Session- Follow-Up

Flower Essence Session- Follow-Up

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Flower essence therapy is a gentle yet profound healing modality. Remedies made from the solar, energetic imprint of flowers are selected and administered to bring about psycho-spiritual wellbeing and healing. This medicine can be used for virtually any feeling or pattern of imbalance, acute or deep-seated.

This booking is for a follow-up flower essence therapy session. Follow-ups are suggested to be scheduled monthly unless otherwise discussed. Price includes the custom remedy.

Sessions are held by Flora Shen founder Ella Simone, who completed her flower essence therapy Practitioner Certification with the Flower Essence Society in 2016-2017. Her deep adoration and gratitude for the flowers and the healing they bring provides the foundation of her practice.

*Note- Refunds will not be provided for cancelations made within less than 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.

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