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Flora Shen

Angel Dew Flower Essence

Angel Dew Flower Essence

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Angel Dew is intended to open oneself up to subtler realms for spiritual development and guidance. This can mean communion with angels, other guides, or simply the ability to release into states of meditation and dreaming.

Indications: feelings of being disconnected or severed from spiritual experiences, feeling alone or without guidance, inability to let go and trust into shifts of consciousness such as meditation, prayer, dreaming.

Gifts of Angel Dew: connecting to oneself through guidance from other spirits, angels, and states of spirit/consciousness, enriched spiritual states and experiences through ability to sense, feel, and trust divine presence, ability to feel love and guidance from beyond.

Ingredients: flower essences of angelica, alpine aster, star tulip, and mountain-forget-me-not in a base of rose petal-infused brandy and structured water.

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